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Forever Medicine - ABCDEF

Aim: Life is short - live it well Change and uncertainty are an unavoidable and they are part of life. Today, the impact of both these factors are often overwhelming and dramatic because of their quantum and suddenness.

Once a motivation speaker began his workshop in hall with an exercise. After everyone sat down and got comfortable, he would them to get up and find another seat. The hall would echo with groans and warped expressions. Mostly the participants would get up with their belongings to move to another seat. Then the speaker would tell them to stop and sit where they were. When he asked why they were annoyed some said they were comfortable and they did not want to move, some replied that they could see better from where they were, and others candidly expressed that they didn’t like anyone telling them where to sit.

Finally, the speaker revealed the purpose of the exercise, “If making a little change such as moving to a different seat in the same room causes you discomfort how would a big change make you feel? Everyone got the point.

Success or failure, joy or misery, comfort or pain, good health or illness are the dualities of life.

Life is not always a bed of roses. Change and uncertainties are inevitable. How well we receive them is the AIM of a life well lived. Many devotees or believes in God have absorbed the impact of changes and uncertainty through their faith and devotion to God and Spiritual Leader Guru. Spiritual path is their source of strength and stability.

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